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Swallowed In Black

Swallowed In Black


Full-length, Roadrunner Records

Line-up :
Darren Travis - Vocals/Guitar
Rob Moore - Guitar
Steve DiGiorgio - Bass
Jon Allen - Drums

Recording information

Produced by Michael Rosen and Sadus.
Recorded and mixed at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA (May/June 1990).
Mastered at the Hit Factory DMS, New York, NY.


1.Black (05:24)
2.Man Infestation (04:06)
3.Last Abide (02:17)
4.The Wake (04:21)
5.In Your Face (01:03)
6.Good Rid'nz (04:33)
7.False Incarnation (04:36
8.Images (04:25)
9.Powers of Hate (03:39)
10.Arise (06:18)
11.Oracle of Obmission (03:51)
Total playing time 44:33