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An insight more into the bassist side of me and less of the personal. I aim to present the factual info as well as anecdotal memories of the musical experiences that I have been honored to participate and create within.

  • The Bay Strikes Back Tour 2020 - Testament, Exodus and Death Angel
  • Steve Di Giorgio uses EBS Fafner II amps, EBS NeoLine cabinets, EBS MultiComp & EBS MicroBass II
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  • Jerry Harvey Audio
  • Nordstrand Pickups
  • ThorBass - Handmade Basses
  • Carved Rock Leather - Custom Leather Straps
  • Testament MegaCruise 2019
  • Spirits Of Fire Out Now
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Ratatosk Reports

New Band: Quadvium


Bassists Steve Di Giorgio and Jeroen Paul Thesseling build new group QUADVIUM

American bass player Steve Di Giorgio (TESTAMENT, SADUS, DEATH) and Dutch bass player Jeroen Paul Thesseling (SALAZH TRIO, OBSCURA, PESTILENCE), globally renown for their fretless signature playing, team up to work on a brand new world-fusion-metal group named QUADVIUM. Furthermore, talented Dutch fusion-metal drummer Yuma van Eekelen (OUR OCEANS, EXIVIOUS, PESTILENCE) joins the group as permanent member.

'About ten years ago we already had the idea in mind to form a group together. Using two fretless basses in one production is a different concept, we often discussed it in the past. Further completion of the line-up is in progress. Soon we start writing and collecting ideas for a debut and expect to announce a fourth member on short notice', add Di Giorgio and Thesseling

In addition, TESTAMENT will release their upcoming album in 2020. Also OUR OCEANS who just finished studio recordings expect to release their second album that same year. SALAZH TRIO released their debut album 'Circulations' in 2017, recordings for a second album are postponed.

QUADVIUM line-up (in progress)

Steve Di Giorgio - bass
Jeroen Paul Thesseling - bass
Yuma van Eekelen - drums

New Band: Quadvium

Shards Of Light from Gone in April is out


Months of colossal work, of creation, of passion & energy poured into every note: today, we release our third album, Shards of Light. These melodies have lived with us every moment of every day for the last 18 months and we could not be more proud to share them with you! Enjoy! - Gone In April

Shards Of Light from Gone in April is out



The new album from argentinian band Geoda featuring the fretless guru and Dirk Verbeuren from Megadeth on drums was released and is available to download for free. Enjoy this awesome modern death metal music with some elements from argentinian music.


Dark Hall to download for free

Dark Hall to download for free

New Video from upcoming release with Geoda

New Video from upcoming release with Geoda

A podcast journey with Steve di giorgio

A podcast journey with Steve di giorgio

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