Bassbros, fellow lowenders, and all those who care to parooz. Please enjoy the sounds, sights and commentaries on this page. Here you will find musical works of the past, present and future that I have, am and will provide, be providing or have provided the lowend for.
An insight more into the bassist side of me and less of the personal. I aim to present the factual info as well as anecdotal memories of the musical experiences that I have been honored to participate and create within.

  • Spirits Of Fire Out Now
  • Testament's Brotherhood Of The Snake is Out NOW!
  • Steve Di Giorgio uses EBS Fafner II amps, EBS NeoLine cabinets, EBS MultiComp & EBS MicroBass II
  • Steve Di Giorgio uses Ibanez BTB1605 Premium Custom
  • Steve Di Giorgio uses Dunlop Super Bright Bass Strings
  • Jerry Harvey Audio
  • Nordstrand Pickups
  • ThorBass - Handmade Basses
  • Carved Rock Leather - Custom Leather Straps
  • Testament MegaCruise 2019
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Ratatosk Reports

New Video from upcoming release with Geoda


Check out the official video for the song THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN from Geoda's upcoming album that will be released on june 7th featuring the fretless guru and Dirk Verbeuren on drums!

New Video from upcoming release with Geoda

A podcast journey with Steve di giorgio


Our fretless guru joined Leon and Mike on Double Hell Episode 6 Podcast and landed a 2 hours talking covering amazing and interesting approaches into Steve's musical journey: Growing up in the bay area, bass style and building the Frankenstein Bass, Amazing Cliff Burton story, who influenced, Forming Sadus and Early days, joining Death, Playing on early Autopsy album, meeting and joining Sebastian Bach Band, recording with Sebastian Bach, in walks Axl Rose, playing on James Murphy solo album and joining Testament the first time. Steve extensive session work, forming Spirits Of Fire, what is going on now and more Something anyone who appreciate the lowend delivered by the guru should check!

A podcast journey with Steve di giorgio

New audio interview available


Check out now this fresh audio interview with David Araneda covering the recent release with Spirits Of Fire, the upcoming Arch / Matheos, Sadus Death Dta Tours and what is coming next with Testament!

New audio interview available

New Bass PlayThrough

New Bass PlayThrough

Arch Matheos New Video Single

Arch Matheos New Video Single

New Video from Gone In April

New Video from Gone In April

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